• Politicians in Madison are making the decisions that your local elected officials are supposed to make. 

  • Most state legislators don’t face competitive elections, so they are virtually unaccountable to you and your community and only care about big special interests.   

  • In seven years, over 150 times, the state legislators in Madison have restricted local control or imposed unfunded mandates on local governments. 

  • Local governments balance budgets, provide vital services, and listen to you, the taxpayer.  They are nonpartisan and directly accountable to you, the voter.   

  • You can take our power back and say "enough is enough" to the politicians in Madison.  

  • Let's support our neighbors in our cities, villages, towns, and counties.  

Why We Need To Stop

Senate Bill 634 & Assembly Bill 748

Call Your State Legislators At 1-800-362-9472

Tell Them To Oppose Senate Bill 634 & Assembly Bill 748 


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